School of Humanities

Message from the Dean of Humanities:

“Welcome to the School of Humanities at Rice University.

Led by a world-class faculty, our School offers programs in disciplines traditionally associated with the humanities—such as art, classical studies, literature, history, philosophy, languages, and religion—while also pushing beyond disciplinary boundaries to explore in all its ramifications what it means to be human. Our subjects are anything that humans do or have done. Our methods involve analysis, criticism, and interpretation.

We take seriously our role as custodians of a rich humanistic heritage that we seek to understand better and pass on to future generations. We take no less seriously the challenge of understanding our own time within a humanistic frame. We support student and faculty research to create new knowledge that we then share through courses, seminars, lectures, and publications. Rice students from all disciplines take our courses as majors, double-majors, or simply as students curious about human beliefs and values across generations and throughout the world.

Please peruse the departments, centers, programs, and special opportunities offered by the Rice School of Humanities. This is a vibrant and exciting division of the University. We invite you to be part of it.”

School of Humanities Website

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