Special Interest

A list of all the special interest clubs associated or tangentially associated with the School of Humanities. (These clubs could not easily be categorized into academic/honorary, art, or cultural/international):

Baker Institute Student Forum

Email: bisf@rice.edu

President: Kaylen Strench, kes11@rice.edu

Sponsor: Joe Barnes, jjbarnes@rice.edu


The Boniuk Council

Email: riceboniukcouncil@gmail.com

President: Daniel McNamara, dsm7@rice.edu

Sponsor: Zahra Jamal, zahra@rice.edu


Kinda Sketchy (Sketch Comedy Group)

President: Riley Smith, res7@rice.edu

Sponsor: Mark Krouskop, mark.a.krouskop@rice.edu

KTRU Rice Radio

Email: ktru@ktru.org

President: Emily Meigs, eam10@rice.edu

Sponsor: Will Robedee, willr@rice.edu


Rice Television

Email: ricetelevision@gmail.com

President: Rachel Gray, rjg8@rice.edu

Sponsor: Will Robedee, willr@rice.edu


Spontaneous Combustion (Improv Group)

President: Brian Cook, bdc4@rice.edu

Sponsor: Christina Keefe,ck1@rice.edu


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